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montreal pilates master teacher trainer,
                    montreal pilates studio, montreal certified pilates
                    instructor, montreal PSC teacherThérèse Desrosiers,
Certified Master Teacher Trainer - 2nd Generation

Thérèse's first memories of dance hail back to childhood and of watching her parents swirl elegantly around a ballroom floor. In the early 80's she began with studies in ballet and contemporary dance and in 1988 went professional in ballroom dance, first as a teacher, then later performing both live and in feature films and in the mini-series "The Arrow".

In 1997 Thérèse went to Chicago to study Argentine tango, and was fortunate enough to receive instruction from some of the cast of the hit stage show "Forever Tango". While there she also studied the original form of swing dance known as the "Lindy Hop", taking classes with Frankie Manning and Erin Stevens, the former being one of the originators of the dance. Thérèse, having suffered a bad hamstring tear in 1996, tried the Pilates Method to heal. Impressed by her results after only a few sessions she decided to relocate to Chicago and undertake the rigorous training needed to qualify as a Guild-certified Authentic Pilates instructor. Due to her devotion, drive and skills acquired as a ballroom dance instructor she completed the training program in half the time.

The training process included an interview/exam, six seminars (one a month) to learn all the equipment and exercises in detail, practical training of at least 600 hours with exams at every stage as well as ongoing retraining seminars to guarantee you a competent, well prepared teacher.

Thérèse has 30 years as a dancer/instructor and has been a Classical Pilates instructor since 1998.  She is proud to be the first PSC ( Pilates Sports Center ) certified Master Teacher Trainer in Canada. She also holds a PMA ( Pilates Method Alliance ) certification. The Pilates Method Alliance is a world wide certification system put in place by the elders of Pilates to maintain the highest quality standard for Pilates teachers and Master Teacher Trainers.

In addition to her Pilates training, Thérèse holds certificates in other forms of wellness-centered disciplines which include Mattes Isolated Stretch, Trigger Point, NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) and The Satir Method.

Whenever possible, Thérèse will make the decision to get as close as possible to the original source of that methodology. She trained with Romana Kryzanowska for Authentic Pilates, Maria Gomori for Satir, Aaron Mattes for The Mattes Isolated Stretch Method and Steve Davis for NLP.
Thérèse's clientele includes world renowned musicians and A list Hollywood and Québec artists.

Thérèse is a second generation Authentic Pilates teacher. Ask what that means!

For information or to schedule a class;


514-489-7532 or 514-312-3710

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